The Summer Academy 2021 online

In Flow ….

In these times we are in a special mode of living: staying at home is the key issue. Travelling is not possible, the boarders are restricted, we have to keep distance for our health. The corona virus is still influencing our plans for the Logosynthesis Summer Conference, after last year’s cancelling.

But we restart this event in a new formate: we go online and changed our topic: “In Flow…”

We will offer you a four day event with presentations, working groups and practice groups. Registration is now open to all Logosynthesis professionals around the world.

The working hours will be from 3 pm to 8 pm MET (Zurich time).

Save the date: June 29 to July 2.

Under the direction of Mary o’ Donoghue the Summer academy will give you a opportunity to meet and discuss the Logosynthesis practice and theory.

The staff will present short lectures: Fabio Pierotti and Patrizia Luise, Astrid Klein Lankhorst and Shanda Woodin, Christin Aannerud and Suzanne von Blumenthal, and Mary o’ Donoghue.

This online seminar counts as Live-Seminar in the Practitioner or Master Practitioner Curriculum in Logosynthesis. You will receive a certificate.