Concept of Logosynthesis Summer Conference

Courage in transition

Courage in transition is the theme of this year’s Logosynthesis Summer Conference. Based on our experience in our training and previous conferences, we have adapted the structure and the content, fine-tuned to the specific training needs of professionals learning Logosynthesis on many levels.

For those training as Logosynthesis Practitioners, participation will count as Logosynthesis Live. For those training as LIA Master Practitioners, participation will count as one of three required Master Classes. Trainers-in-training who already participated in a six-day event can raise their competence and experience on their own level, as co-trainers in the working groups.



The program wil start with a plenary opening session, in which the conferences attendees are welcomed by the staff and the theme as well as the concept of the conference are presented. After the opening plenary, practice groups will be created and the working groups will meet with their staff members. In the Sunday sessions of both practice groups and working groups, participants explore their learning options for the conference.

Monday to Thursday

Each of these days will start with a plenary session, with a meditation sequence, followed by 40 minutes of Exploring the Field, an opportunity so discuss anything that’s relevant for the learning of attendees as well as staff members. After a coffee break, this learning event is followed by a break and two 45′ slots with presentations and discussions on subjects related to the theme of the conference.

After a two-hour lunch break, the practice groups will meet for an hour. In these sessions they will work in the same format used in other seminars of our Logosynthesis training program. After a tea break, a working group session follows in the presence of one staff member and a co-trainer, in which the attendees get the opportunity to work on individual issues.


On Friday morning, the attendees will meet in newly created, future pacing groups, to prepare the transition from the conference to daily life at home. Staff members are assigned to each of these groups. After the coffee break, a closing plenary will take place, in which there will be a place for an integration of the learning of the conference as a whole, as well as a closing exercise around the theme of the conference. We close the Summer conference with the farewell lunch together.

Space and Time structure

We create a safe environment for learning through a clear space and time structure. So we expect all participants to stay at the seminar hotel Lihn. You can share a room with another participant. Your relatives or friends cannot stay with you in the hotel during the conference. If you plan holidays with your partner or family, please plan before or after the conference. Please do not bring your pet animal with you.

We also stay together at breakfast, lunch and supper. This structure will help you to go with your own process. Thank you for respecting the space and time structure of the Logosynthesis Summer Conference.

Group Size and Language

The conference will take place with at least 20 registered participants. The house offers rooms for 45 people.

The conference language is English. But you will find enough people to help you for translation. You will improve your English for sure. For Italian, French and German speaking attendees we will organize translation. We will have a German translator in Filzbach.