Pamela Burkhalter

Pamela Burkhalter is one of our staff members in the Logosynthesis Summer Conference 2024.

Pamela is Hong Kong Chinese-Swiss and has lived a number of colorful lives in this lifetime – in law, reinsurance, sustainability, and running her business in personal, team and leadership development since 2003, designing and facilitating leadership programs for senior executives and leadership teams in multi-national corporations. 

Because of her own life experiences, offering an oasis of safety is one of Pamela’s signatures. She prefers the unconventional, and incorporates her training across the board including NLP, Non-Violent Communication, Core Qualities, intercultural communication, and as a hosting member in the Art of Hosting & Participatory Leadership. After twenty years, she decided to reshape her business entirely, pioneering the Gateways in 2024. 

As a Master Practitioner, Supervisor and Trainer in Logosynthesis, Pamela loves the magic of working with Logosynthesis, be it with clients or running courses, and has been passionate about spreading Logosynthesis across the globe. 

Pamela grew up in Hong Kong, has lived in New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, and is based in Switzerland. Next to English, she speaks Swiss-German, German, French, Cantonese and Mandarin-Chinese. She loves nature and being creative, painting stones and shells, writing, photography, has asked life’s essential questions all her life, and offers channeled guidance and meditation sessions since a few years.