The Program 2021

Date: from June 29 to July 2

Working hours 3 pm – 8 pm (MET, Zurich time)

You will receive the zoom link beforehand.

Teaching Topics

“The Great Stories and Beyond…”

By Great Stories we mean those stories that have often been told for ages and ages, generation after generation, and are still being told. Fairy tales, myths, parables, legends, folk stories, even many children’s stories may touch you in a deeper way.  They seem to have an underlying message.  What the significance truly is, can be a mystery.  Yet at a soul-level or at a higher level of consciousness the stories are understood, often loved and embraced.  Do you remember from your childhood (or with your own kids) how there was often a ‘favourite’ story that wanted to be told over and over again?

In this presentation we will tell one of these great stories.  It will be full of metaphors for deeper exploration.  You will explore some of these metaphors that may have become triggered for you from the story, followed by an application of the Logosynthesis sentences. This will help you to receive or uncover the deeper meaning in your heart without fear or rejection.  Moreover, to discover the treasure of it for your own life and Mission.  We will first work in the larger group.  You will have the opportunity to continue to process further in your practice groups, working groups or even for self at home.

Shanda Woodin and Astrid Klein Lankhorst


Beliefs in flow – between Essence and Matrix

Beliefs are necessary to reduce the complexity of this world. They give us safety and structure to find our way, to make decisions and to survive in the Matrix. Meaningful beliefs guide your thinking, your emotions and your behaviour. They support you in fulfilling your life mission.

Beliefs are convictions about yourself, about others and about the world. They provide a message from your experiences or you adopted beliefs of others and the Matrix.  Some beliefs will limit you. They lead to devaluating, distorting and blocking both yourself and others. They are not in touch with Essence or they ignore the circumstances of the Matrix. In Logosynthesis limiting beliefs are energy forms, bound in space and time, in the body or in your personal space.

In this workshop you will learn about your limiting beliefs in the context of the dissociation order and recognize belief systems of the socio-energetic fields around you. You will explore these fields and let Logosynthesis free the energy of these limiting beliefs.

Christin Aannerud and Suzanne von Blumenthal


Inner Skills and External Roles in Flow

Everyone has the inner skills, abilities and attitudes to fulfil a meaningful purpose in every area of life. The development of these skills occurs through reflection with roles and tasks that are linear, coherent and in flow with one’s Essence. When this does not happen, the energy is not flowing.

Through a continuous cycle of information exchange between the dimensions of being and doing, inside and outside, human potential is expressed in order to bring results to fruition.

In working as a Consultant, it is important being aware  of possible blocks or obstacles between one’s inner capacities and the roles to which one is called. When the creative, organisational and personal growth process is interrupted, affecting the final result, it is time to dissolve these resistances.

Capabilities and roles move in an endless cycle, determined by ever-changing levels of awareness and systems of complexity.

Fabio Pierotti and Patrizia Luise


Supervision and Ethics in Logosynthesis


Using the CLARKSON AND GILBERT model as a reference, trainees, practitioners, master practitioners and trainers, can self-examine their work and prepare for supervision.  The model gives simple, clear steps to follow and lets us see where we may need to focus in order to work to our highest level.

Is the contract clear, is the relationship strong enough to work with Logosynthesis?

How do we think about the situation, do we know what to do with the situation, what’s going on with the situation?


For the safety of our clients, ourselves and to be covered by our insurance, it is so necessary to work from an ethical perspective.  We will work through the ethical model so each one of the participants can have a simple formula to check their practice.

These two models help to make what could be heavy going, into a beautifully simple process which gives us a foundation from which our work can flow with ease.

Mary o’ Donoghue