Logosynthesis® is a comprehensive new system for your personal development.

It’s used in coaching, supervision, psychological counselling and psychotherapy – and also as a self-help aid. Dr. Willem Lammers discovered the underlying principles in 2005, and he has continuously developed the system ever since.

The system includes a model, change principles and specific interventions.

Logosynthesis® is much more than just a method. It can accelerate your personal development and profoundly alter how you think about yourself and the world. Even the spiritual dimension has a place within the model. In short: Logosynthesis® is anchored within a consistent and holistic conception of the world.

Logosynthesis® uses the ancient potential of the word to dissolve burdensome patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour.

You’ll use precisely formulated sentences to unleash a changing effect on yourself or those you guide. The effect stretches far beyond the sentences’ substantive significance.

The application of Logosynthesis® is easy, elegant, effective and simple to convey.

People who are new to Logosynthesis® generally need time to accept that change can be so fast and simple.
Logosynthesis® integrates concepts from many schools of change. Specialists from various fields will recognise principles from their schools within the model, including psychoanalysis, transactional analysis, NLP, hypnotherapy and energy psychology. The combination of the underlying principles and the process are nevertheless unique – and often surprise both laymen and professionals.

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