The Summer Conference 2022

Logosynthesis ® Summer Conference from 2022 July 3rd to 8th
in Riolo Terme RA, Italy

The Self in Dynamic Systems

The Summer Conference is the most dynamic and unique event you can imagine to learn  more about Logosynthesis. Participants from all over the world meet and learn together.
Through theoretical inputs and working in different group settings, your learning is broader than in usual seminars. The Summer Conference gives you the opportunity to brush up and deepen your English. If you don’t understand everything there are other attendants there to translate into your language. 

The staff will consist of Mary o’Donoghue, Suzanne von Blumenthal, Fabio Pierotti, Astrid Klein Lankhorst, Christin Aannerud, Shanda Woodin and Patrizia Luise.
All of them bring many years of experience in the field of psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, coaching and organisational development. They are experienced professionals, supervisors and Master Practitioners in Logosynthesis.

Since 2008, international groups from four continents have met each year for a Logosynthesis Summer Conference It’s the most dynamic event you can imagine to learn to know more about Logosynthesis, this new, effective and elegant model of guided change.

In 2022, we’ll again offer a six-day learning event for professionals with all levels of training in Logosynthesis.

Logosynthesis is not a one-way street, not a finished, coherent system. Like all new developments it has come from trial and error. Now, after 15 years, we have the life energy octagon as the base of the Path seminars of the Practitioner curriculum, and we have the field model as the core of the Master Practitioner curriculum. Both models are now accompanied by a series of understandable and applicable protocols and techniques. If you look at those models it almost seems as if Logosynthesis emerged in the form of the smooth narrative presented in these two models, and as if it has always been like that.

In a time in which Logosynthesis’ founder is slowly stepping back, the Summer Conference becomes an international stage for a new generation of Practitioners, Master Practitioners, Instructors, Supervisors and Trainers.

The purpose of this conference is to inspire you to think out of the box that has become Logosynthesis. In sharing these pieces we want to show you that nothing comes easy, that you need trial and error on the path of your Self. Therefore we have created a space for conference.

Staff members will present different themes to this subject „The Self in Dynamic Systems“.

The Costs

The conference fee is €990 for the week. Early bird registration until March 31st 2022 with a reduced fee of € 840 .

Additional costs for room and full board in the Grand Hotel di Riolo Terme:  € 565 in a double room, € 725 in a single room for the whole conference plus tourist tax of €10 for 5 days per person. The prices are not confirmed yet. Please book the hotel accommodation directly at Grand Hotel Terme.

Space and Time structure

We create a safe environment for learning through a clear space and time structure. So we expect all participants to stay at the seminar hotel of Riolo Terme. You can share a room with another participant. Your relatives or friends cannot stay with you in the hotel during the conference. If you plan holidays with your partner or family, please plan before or after the conference. Please do not bring your pet animal with you.

We also stay together at breakfast, lunch and supper. This structure will help you to go with your own process. Thank you for respecting the space and time structure of the Logosynthesis Summer Conference.

Group Size and Language

The conference will take place with at least 24 registered participants. The house offers rooms for 60 people. So we will have a maximum of 60 seats.

The conference language is English. But you will find enough people to help you for translation. You will improve your English for sure. For Italian and German we will organize translation.